The Show & The Shave: how it all started

Monday, May 20, 2013

Three Bald Chicks (three blind mice—no relation—will be addressed in another post)

"Three bald chicks?" you ask. Yup, you read it right. Three.

In previous posts, you were introduced to The Fabulous Susan, whose cancer diagnosis and chemo were what novelists would refer to as "the inciting incident"for any number of entirely unwelcome changes in her life, as well as this blog.

And, hello, I'm Liz, your effervescent blog host. Or ten miles of bad road, however you choose to see it.

Most would bet that the Year of Living Baldly cast of characters couldn't possibly get richer, but the wealth increases as we introduce another of our partners in baldness. (Please click arrow below to create proper sound effects.)


The Fierce, The Funny, The Fiery Redhead, Lee-eeee Stol-mackkkk.

Okay, she was a fiery redhead.  The "inciting incident" inspired her to have her head shaved, too; so for the moment she is no longer a redhead but still indisputably fiery. (Beating Susan and me to The Shear, Lee was sporting her baldness a week before we did. Over-achiever.)

Lee, Susan, and I met in 1996 on an IBM/State of California computer project in Sacramento, California, and worked together for four years before Susan moved to Germany and I made my way to Cheesehead Land. Lee continues to reside in California. I have asked Susan and Lee to do guest posts, so you can anticipate the pleasure of reading their words of wit-dom in the not-distant future. 

Join me in observing this special moment with a brief silence. When I get to the Pearly Gates and St. Peter asks what I've done to merit entry, I will mention that I introduced you to these two remarkable women. He will ask no further questions and simply open the gate.

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